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Illusion - Pug Tote Bag Collection

Illusion - Pug Tote Bag Collection

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Get lost in the swirls with our "Illusion Pug Tote," a shout-out to chill pug lovers who appreciate a touch of mystery and a whole lot of style – it's like carrying a piece of living art that winks back at you

This tote is part of our "Pug Tote Bag Collection", where every day's an adventure and every pug's a masterpiece.

This tote's not just about carrying your essentials; it's about strutting through life with a bit of art and a whole lot of heart. From abstract splashes to dreamy doodles, we've got every flavor of pug art to match your mood and style.

Ready for anything, this tote is your go-to for adding a sprinkle of fun to the mundane, whether you're jetting off on a spontaneous road trip or just chilling in your local café corner.

Made with love, durable polyester, and the kind of cotton handles that make carrying a breeze, it’s as versatile as your lifestyle demands.

So, grab this tote and let's turn the everyday into an exhibition. Because why just go through the day when you can make it your runway, with a little help from your pug pals?

Quick Peek at the Specs:

A kaleidoscope of pug designs, celebrating all the artsy vibes.

Sizes for every scene, from grand adventures to cozy corners (small, medium and large)

Tough-as-nails 100% polyester, for the life lived out loud.

Art on all sides, because your style shines from every angle.

Snuggle-ready cotton handles, making every carry a comfort fest.

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