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Greens Galore: Set of 5 Greeting Cards for Eco-Loving Hearts

Greens Galore: Set of 5 Greeting Cards for Eco-Loving Hearts

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Ready to dish out some love with a dash of eco-fabulousness? Introducing our Greens Galore Greeting Cards — a collection of quirky notes declaring love in the language of kale, kombucha, quinoa, matcha, and avocado toast. No sappy clichés here – just pure, unfiltered love served on a watercolor canvas.

1. Kale Love:
Why settle for basic when you can have kale? Our "I Love You More Than Kale" card is a vibrant declaration of affection, promising a love as robust as this leafy green. Because, let's be honest, that's true devotion.

2. Kombucha Connection:
Pop the cap on love with our "I Love You More Than Kombucha" card. It's not just a fizzy drink; it's a symbol of your effervescent connection. Cheers to a love that bubbles over with joy and connection.

3. Quinoa Quirkiness:
Express your love in the language of superfoods with our "Love You More Than Quinoa" card. It's a bowlful of affection, promising a relationship as wholesome as this ancient grain. Quirky? Absolutely.

4. Matcha Moments:
Declare your love with our “I Love You More Than Matcha” and enjoy quiet moments of shared matcha joy. Cheers to matcha moments.

5. Avocado Adoration:
Spread the love, toast-style, with our "I Love You More Than Avocado Toast" card. It's not just a breakfast choice; it's a symbol of the perfect pairing. Your love is as essential as avo on toast – the ultimate combo.

Crafted on 4.25" x 5.5" high-quality, uncoated paper, these cards are a blank canvas for your personalized love notes. No sappiness inside, just space for your one-of-a-kind message.

Each card comes with a matching white envelope – because even love letters deserve a stylish entrance.

Material: 271gsm uncoated paper

Size: 4.25" x 5.5'' (10.8 x 13.9 cm)

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