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Boho Western Style Car Seat Covers

Boho Western Style Car Seat Covers

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Hit the road with a touch of wild west charm in our western boho-style car seat cover.



a western boho style pattern

Ready to revamp your ride’s vibe with a touch of your own magic?Get your chariot feeling like a cozy corner of your world with our custom car seat covers. Crafted from the kind of thick polyester fabric that laughs in the face of wear and tear, these babies are the mixtape to your road trip, the cherry on top of your mobile sanctuary.

Here’s the scoop, served up Hey Kiki style:

Material Magic: We’re talking high-quality, thick polyester fabric that’s durable enough to handle your adventures and misadventures.

Double Trouble: You get not one, but TWO seat covers in each set, because matching is the new black.

Snap-On Simplicity: Forget the toolbox; these covers come with an elastic fastening system that’s as easy as snapping your fingers. A secure, snug fit in no time.

Stylish Shadows: With a sleek black back cover, these seats are all business in the back, party in the front.

Twinning Designs: Identical, stunning designs on both covers because symmetry is sexy.

Heads Up!: Just a little note from the road safety gods: These covers should NOT cozy up to seats with side airbags. Safety first, style a very close second. Also: these covers don’t go well with car seats that have arm rests.

Welcome to the road trip of self-expression with Hey Kiki, where every mile is a story, and every story is uniquely yours. Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a fabulous ride!


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